Winning the war on talent with Gillian Findlay, Operating Partner at AirTree

Gillian Findlay from AirTree joins Steve for a special Spark Festival edition of the Give It A Nudge show to talk about how start-ups can win the war on talent.

by hao-nguyen on October 22, 2021

We’re super excited to be having Gillian Findlay from AirTree join us as a guest for a special edition of the Give It A Nudge show!

This episode will be a part of our Spark Festival series, which will also feature Alexandra King and Stephanie King, the Co-Founding powerhouse behind Ask Marketing.

For her interview, Gill will be joining Steve Grace to chat about some of the most buzzing topics in the start-up and scale-up world, including how companies can win the war for talent, and how VCs are supporting their companies during this time.

Gill joined AirTree as their first Operating Partner in 2021, bringing her unique and varied experience across professional services, listed corporates, government and scaling successful startups. Prior to AirTree, Gill was the Chief Operating Officer of Australian SaaS startup, SafetyCulture, from 2015 to 2019, joining as employee number 25 and playing a key role in it achieving unicorn status in 2020.

During her tenure, she was responsible for global sales, customer success, customer experience, growth, finance, people operations. She scaled the team to over 300 and grew revenue x30. More recently, Gill was the CEO of marketing technology company Vamp, where she has worked with the two founders to raise equity and transform the company from a services-led to a technology-led business, delivering profitable growth.

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