Revolutionising Brand Collaborations: A Deep Dive with Partnar Founders, Jamie Pitt & Ryan Elliott

Steve talks with the co-founders of Partnar, Jamie Pitt and Ryan Elliott, about how they’re reshaping brand collaborations.

by hao-nguyen on October 15, 2023

On the latest Give It A Nudge, Steve dives deep with the co-founders of Partnar, Jamie Pitt and Ryan Elliott. While most know Ryan and Jamie for their individual achievements in software and e-commerce, they’ve joined forces to reshape brand collaborations.

In this interview:

  • Ryan and Jamie unpack the story behind the creation of Partnar.
  • They delve into the challenges they faced in the shifting e-commerce landscape.
  • Jamie discusses his transition from soccer to e-commerce and his successful brand collaborations.
  • Ryan shares insights on the influence of iOS updates on app tracking and their subsequent business pivot.
  • The chat highlights their “loose and fast” approach, allowing them to adapt rapidly.
  • They detail Partnar’s integration with Shopify and the data-driven vision for their platform.
  • Steve, Jamie, and Ryan also touch upon their entrepreneurial experiences, the highs and lows, and what the future holds for their venture.

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