From Airtasker to Soho.com.au: Jonathan Lui’s Journey of Disruption and Innovation

In the first episode of Give It A Nudge’s season 5, Steve kicks things off with a chat with Jonathan Lui, the founder behind Soho.com.au and co-founder of Airtasker.

by hao-nguyen on March 3, 2024

Jonathan walks us through his entrepreneurial journey, starting from the birth of Airtasker, a gig economy pioneer in Australia, to his latest venture in the property tech space with Soho.com.au. He shares how he’s been on this entrepreneurial ride for over a decade, now steering his focus towards revolutionising the Australian real estate market from his base in Singapore.

The conversation takes a dive into the early, less digital days, touching on the scepticism Jonathan faced when launching Airtasker. He reminisces about the times when the idea of trusting strangers for services was unheard of, highlighting how the digital trust landscape has dramatically evolved.

Jonathan and Steve then shift gears to talk about the inception of Tank Stream Labs, a coworking space that sprouted from Airtasker’s humble beginnings. It’s an interesting side story about making the most out of an accidental opportunity, showcasing the unexpected paths entrepreneurship can take you down.

As the chat progresses, Jonathan opens up about his transition from Airtasker to Soho.com.au, spurred by his astonishment at the inefficiencies and high costs in the real estate market. Soho.com.au, as he explains, is his attempt to bring the AI-driven personalisation we see in platforms like Netflix into the real estate world, making property discovery more intuitive and personalised.

Steve and Jonathan touch on life during the COVID-19 pandemic, the untapped potential of VR and AR technologies, and the unstoppable march of AI across all sectors. Jonathan stresses the need for responsible innovation and the crucial role businesses play in ensuring technology’s ethical advancement.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, a tech enthusiast, or someone curious about what it takes to build something from the ground up, you’ll find value and inspiration here.

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