Making Waves in Marketing: Stephanie King’s Return Appearance to Discuss Ask Marketing’s Progress

Stephanie King, Co-Founder of Ask Marketing, shares her success story on Give It A Nudge for the third time, showcasing their smart and steady growth in the marketing industry.

by hao-nguyen on February 1, 2023

“While the focus is continuing to grow, it’s growing steadily and growing smartly” – Ask Marketing Co-Founder Stephanie King is back on Give It A Nudge for an unprecedented third time!

Steph and her co-founder (and sister) Ali King have been at the forefront of the marking landscape ever since launching their business over the past few years so it was great to hear about their amazing progress.

About Ask Marketing:

Harness the true power of digital business marketing with decisive strategy, passionate people and martech tools.

Effective digital marketing doesn’t stem from marketing. It’s an execution built upon the greater business strategy which is based on Product or Service + Commercialisation.

This is why, at Ask Marketing, we begin there.

Our digital strategists build a business-wide marketing framework based on your goals, focused on achieving your success by asking the what, the why, the how and the when of digital marketing.

Is it time to Ask Marketing? Visit askmarketing.com.au

2) Ask Marketing Academy

Ask Marketing Academy is an online education platform for up and coming digital marketers.

It exists to provide uni leavers and junior marketers, with a cost-effective training option, teaching on-the-job, practical knowledge and boosting their confidence to succeed. Unlike other courses out there, we are doing this by linking digital marketing theory with practical advice and real-world examples we have experienced along our own journey.

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