Reach Alternative Investments co-founder, Sam Phillips, discusses building a platform for Australian investors

Sam joins Steve to talk about how Reach Alternative Investments is building a platform to provide access to the world’s leading private market opportunities.

by hao-nguyen on February 14, 2022

Reach Alternative Investments’s co-founder & CEO, Sam Phillips, joins Steve on the latest episode of Give It A Nudge to talk about how they’re building a platform to provide Australian sophisticated investors with access to the world’s leading private market opportunities.

An interview footnote from Sam Phillips, Co-founder and CEO: Feb 2022.

It’s been five months since we sat down with Steve Grace to talk about what was then known as WeReach. We were, at that time, the earliest phase start up to have appeared on GIAN (we were only 5 week old), so you can imagine a lot has changed since then.

First thing is our name, these days we go by Reach Alternative Investments, we changed our name to give the market a clearer signal about our space and to offer a stronger brand signal to the more traditional financial institutions we engage with. A small but important tweak.

Our founding team, advisory board and key executive have evolved quite a bit as well. Enguerrand Vidor continues to support us with advisory input and he provided us with some tremendous early support to assist us with our go to market strategy and gave us a headstart on our tech. Additionally, Fintech specialists David Jenkins and Lee Porter joined us last month on our advisory board and already they have proven to be thoughtful and commercial forces for good.

On the executive side, we have appointed a CMO and Head of Corporate Affairs who has over 20 years experience in tier one financial services brands and we are on the eve of announcing the appointment of our first Business Analyst. We are currently in the market seeking a Product Manager and further technology platform specialists.

On the client side we have been very selective in engaging the right guides in our go to market phase. We have signed on a hand-chosen cohort of beta participants that are providing us with real time guidance from within our target market channels keeping our regulatory, operational and communications alignment optimised.

Antler continues to be a great supporter and we will be making our latest funding round announcements at the end of this month, without pre-empting that announcement I am delighted that we continue to be a robust, engaged and exciting business with great market traction. The convergence of timeliness, technology and talent that we have harnessed has stood us in great stead in recent months and our supporter base has grown accordingly, watch this space for updates!

Like I say in the interview the commercial appeal of Reach Alternative Investments is based in providing access to our community of top 20 fund managers. It is a very meaningful step toward opening access to private equity for an entirely new audience and provides not just investment diversity, it opens new hunting grounds for investors seeking private unlisted investment opportunities. This is a very marketable proposition on all frontiers, investors, advisers and investment managers share in our enthusiasm for the value we can add to this sector by virtue of our technology to democratise a once inaccessible world. To me, this is the essence of starting a new business, we were never going to be content to align with an old unfair model.

We invite the GIAN community to keep tabs on our progress, register with us at reachalts.com.au and we will keep you posted.

All the best,

Sam Phillips, Co-Founder and CEO
Reach Alternative Investments.

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