The Nudge Group Acquires Work-Life Balance Publication Balance the Grind

The Nudge Group is excited to announce that the company has recently acquired work-life balance publication, Balance the Grind!

by hao-nguyen on July 28, 2021

The Nudge Group is excited to announce that the company has recently acquired work-life balance publication, Balance the Grind!

Over the past 12 months, we have been growing rapidly, with an increase in 300% for staff members and 400% growth revenue. To meet the increasing demands of our clients to expand overseas, Nudge has also been recruiting for roles in the U.S., the U.K., Europe and Asia, with a new office set up in London, run by the company’s U.K. Director, Jason Flooks.   

The acquisition of Balance the Grind will provide a new channel to The Nudge Group’s growing media platforms, which also includes video podcast show, Give It A Nudge, where founders & CEOs from start-ups and scale-ups come on to talk about their story. 

Founded in 2016 by Hao Nguyen, who joined The Nudge Group in June as Head of Content, Balance the Grind has published over 1,500 interviews with CEOs, entrepreneurs, start-up founders, business owners, and plenty more people from around the world. The site currently has an audience of over 50,000 visitors per month across 150 different countries around the world. 

“I’m so excited for this acquisition,” Nudge founder & CEO, Steve Grace, said. “I’ve been a long-time reader of Balance the Grind, and I just find the topic of work-life balance so important, especially during these times.”  

“Having our two media platforms – Give It A Nudge and Balance the Grind – will really strengthen Nudge’s offering to our clients and candidates. We can provide them a range of high-quality channels to help build their brand and profile, which will enable them to stand-out in a competitive talent market.”  

In addition to his role as Head of Content for Nudge Group and Producer for the Give It A Nudge podcast, Hao will also continue as the Editor-in-Chief of Balance the Grind, with Steve taking on CEO and Publisher duties.  

“It’s really amazing that a few months after profiling Steve and Dayna [Nudge Group’s Director of Digital Marketing, Media & Creative Services] for Balance the Grind, I’m now working with them and the rest of the Nudge team,” said Hao.  

“Steve genuinely cares about raising the profiles of Nudge’s clients and candidates, and he’s super passionate about storytelling, so the synergy was already there. It’s going to be really great to see more and more of clients featured on both platforms and showcasing their unique stories to our global audience.”  

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