Why multiple interviews in the start-up world just don’t work.

Nudge’s Director, Digital Marketing, Media & Creative Services, Dayna Stewart, discusses why it’s so important for start-ups to make their recruitment process as efficient as possible.

by hao-nguyen on October 26, 2021

This article was originally published by Dayna Stewart, Nudge’s Director, Digital Marketing, Media & Creative Services on LinkedIn.

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We are experiencing high demand for talent, and there is currently a short supply of talent available. As you’ll see from our previous article – 4 Reasons Why 2021 is the year to Change Jobs – there are multiple reasons for that shortage, and candidate motivators are quite different to what they were 6-12 months ago.

But that aside, when you have quality candidates moving through your interview process, it’s important to make the experience as efficient as possible whilst still promoting your brand and getting the most out of each and every conversation you have with prospective employees.

So, why don’t multiple processes work?  

We deal with lots of candidates every day and here are some of their perceptions:

  • No-one seems to be able to own a decision
  • The pace of the company is too slow and inefficient
  • People aren’t empowered to make a decision
  • Complex hierarchies are going to make it difficult to influence change
  • They are just “using me” to create a GTM strategy – at no charge
  • I am already sitting 3 other code tests, it’s their final round; I won’t do another as I haven’t the time.
  • I don’t think they know what they are looking for in this hire

If there needs to be multiple stakeholders involved in the decision-making process, that’s fine – but make it a panel interview for the first or second interview. If you need to set up separate interviews for every decision maker, the candidate will lose interest – no one wants to have a fifth or sixth stage interview process.

In addition, if there are too many “decision-makers” it looks as though no one in the company can “own” or make a decision; this really conflicts with the fast-paced, dynamic culture most start-ups are building.


If testing is part of your process, make sure you issue the test once the candidate has met all stakeholders involved in the hiring process and has expressed an interest to work with you.

In this talent-short market, asking candidates to invest hours into testing or building out a GTM strategy without meeting Founders or Hiring Managers isn’t going to fly. Most candidates will withdraw from the process because there are so many amazing opportunities currently available in market.

*most candidates will have an average of 3 positions they are interviewing for at any given time* 

Bottom line 

Ideally, interviews should be 2 or 3 max, no more. This ensures the candidate stays engaged with your process, it limits the competition swooping in and taking your preferred option, gives confidence that you know what you’re looking for and demonstrates the fast, efficient way in which you operate. How the start-up world should operate!

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