How to Recruit for Your Scaling Business: Hub Talk with Steve Grace & Ines Brcic

Nudge Group CEO Steve Grace and Ines Brcic from Melbourne Law Studio join Hub Talk to chat about ‘How to Recruit for Your Scaling Business.’

by hao-nguyen on September 23, 2021

Recruiting is hard but recruiting for start-ups can be even harder. The process of finding new people and building a team is already a challenging process, but throw in the pace, scale, and complexities of a start-up into the mix, and you’ve got something entirely different.

In this Hub Talk, you will learn about how the job market has changed in the past 12 months, how start-ups can evolve their recruitment process to stand out and attract the right candidate, and what legal considerations founders need to understand when building a team for their startup.

Key takeaways you can expect to learn from the session:

  • how to adapt to the rapidly changing recruitment landscape
  • how you can learn to stay ahead and adapt to this evolving market, and how you can stand out against other start-ups to attract candidates resourcing at different business stages
  • 10-person team vs 50-person team and how they present their own unique set of challenges and opportunities
  • how to recruit candidates at scale – ways to automate, make recruiting more efficient building your employer brand – how to sell your start-ups to potential candidates,
  • what to highlight in the job ad, how to talk about company culture in the interview, what the candidate can hope to gain from working for you
  • what is the difference between employees and contractors?
  • what legal documents do you need when recruiting for your startup?
  • how do you protect your IP when working with contractors?

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