Venture Capital
& Funding


Providing them with access to early-stage start-ups and scale-ups, as well as, working closely to help them grow their portfolio companies.

For founders, this means The Nudge Group is here to introduce you to Venture Capital, Angel Investors and Private Equity firms, specific to your need and business stage.

For investors, we can help provide you access to start-ups and scale-ups looking for funding.

The Nudge Experience

Work with us to improve your portfolio’s ROI and protect your investments. Your companies will get the right support, at the right time, ensuring they stay on their growth trajectory.

Flexible pricing model

Our start-up & scale-up focused pricing model means that you will have access to world class talent, expertise and specialist knowledge, without making a huge dent on your bottom line and reducing your risk. We provide 6-month interest free payment plans, take equity in companies in lieu of payments, and we provide lower rates during your early years to enable you to grow.

Growing your brand

The Nudge Group owns two media platforms that can help founders with their employer branding, showcase their story, and drive traffic to their website.

Give It A Nudge is a video podcast series where we interview founders & CEOs about their journey and help them share their unique story.

Balance the Grind is an online publication focused on highlighting conversations about work-life balance and profiling successful daily routines.

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