The Nudge Group continues global expansion with Singapore office & new hires in Australia and Ireland

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new Singapore office, and two new hires – Chloe, who will be based in Dublin, and Anakin, who will be joining the Sydney team.

by hao-nguyen on October 18, 2021

Over two years since first launching in Sydney, The Nudge Group is continuing its expansion around the globe, with the opening of a Singapore office, and two new hires – Chloe Sheils, who will be based in Dublin, Ireland; and Anakin Thornton, who will work out of the Sydney office.

The Singapore office launch also includes Nudge’s sponsorship of The Workplace Accelerator, the premier accelerator exclusively focused on the future of work. Nudge’s Singapore launch will be the gateway for the company’s presence in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the rest of Asia. 

Chloe Sheils

With a recruitment background in software development, engineering and DevOps, Chloe joins The Nudge Group as a Technical Recruiter, where she will work with Jason Flooks, the company’s UK Director, to focus on the growing opportunities in Dublin, as well as looking after the UK, Europe, North America and Canada markets. 

“I was originally approached by a recruiter to discuss The Nudge Group. I was already in the height of interviews and wasn’t too keen to add another company, but I was really sold on how well rounded Nudge and Steve’s approach to start up recruitment was,” Chloe said.

“The inclusion of podcasts, the ability to send clips of the videos on to potential candidates, and the important put on balancing the grind stood out as such a different approach to recruitment, and one that so many other companies could commit to including.”

Anakin Thornton

A former salesperson who rose quickly through his previous companies, Anakin had a passion for working in the recruitment industry, and in particular with start-ups. The Nudge Group offered him the perfect environment for both of his passions. 

“Nudge interested me as their primary focus is building and growing new companies with great ideas,” Anakin said. “This industry is exciting and Nudge is doing something that makes them stand out from other recruiting companies.” 

Since launching in 2019, The Nudge Group has grown to almost 10 full-time employees, distributed across the globe, helping hundreds of start-ups and scale-ups recruit and expand around the world. 

The company has continued to publish new episodes of the Give It A Nudge podcast, where start-up and scale-up founders and CEOs come on to tell their story. Nudge also recently acquired work-life balance publication, Balance the Grind, to add to the company’s expanding media portfolio. 

“It’s been such an incredible two years for us, we’ve been growing so quickly and I’m so excited to welcome Chloe and Alistair to our team,” Nudge CEO Steve Grace said. “They’re both super passionate about working with start-ups so I’m positive they’re going to have a huge impact with helping our clients.”

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